First day of the sprint

The first day of the sprint went pretty well. It was my first sprint so I can make no comperison. A was a bit anxious to get started. It took more time getting all the people in to the auditorium, introducing all the subjects than I liked at the time.

There were a lot of subjects to choose from. I chose for the Azax sprint. It was not as big of a group as the mebrane guys but still nice. We did a bit of introduction in the begin as well.

A lot of people had trouble setting up Zope on their Windows system. Furtonately I was prepared for this and had a custom build ready to go. I supplied all Windows user with a installer.

Then it was time to choose a subject. I chose to work on the event integration. The main idea was to support the follow use-case.

Let’s say you change the title of a document using Ajax. Now the title will be changed in the document view. But usually you also want to update the navigation menu, the navigation portlet etc.

So the thing I did today was to use Zope 3 events to add more Azax commands to the request. In layman’s terms this means that the Ajax handling code just generates and event. This will then activate any number of interested handlers. These handlers can add extra commands like changing the portlets.

At the end of the day I had made a doctest and a working system. Along the way we had discussions on how to implement it and I fixed the API a bit.

I am quite content with the results of the first day. Hopefully I can do some usefull stuff tomorrow as well.

The final day was really interesting. It started with a keynote from Eben Moglen. This got a quite emotional response from most people. After this Alexander Limi highlighted the fifteen most exiting features of Plone 3.

After a short break I went to the talk from Joel Burton about making Plone simpler for end users. He had some really good ideas and ready to go tweaks. A lot of these tweaks should be automatable so maybe I will write a burtonizer product.

Phillip had an interesting talk about viewlets in Zope 2. It seemed really nice but may be a bit difficult for scripters to understand. Although the current macro mess is pretty bad as well.

We had some great snacks during the break. This day they served mediterainian tapas.

One of the days highlights for me was Wichert’s talk about PAS (the Zope 2 version). He really made it clear for me where everything goes and what it does. So when I will need to use it I now know what to do. An example of a usecase I know have an idea about how to implement is RSS feeds that need authentication.

Most RSS readers don’t understand the Plone login form. So if you want to access the feeds from the reader you need to supply the proper credentials via basic authentication. What we want is that normal users go through the login form and RSS readers use basic auth.

To do this you create a challenger plugin. This can be used to differentiate based on the user agent or some detectable propertie in the url.

The lightning talks were the closing talks. It was fun to see these as they are always fun due to the frantic pace. After these the conference ended. As far as I am concerned this was the best IT conference I have ever been to. My thanks go out to all the people involved in making this happen.


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