Exit code, colors, etc. when testing Plone

Do you want to have colored output showing problems with your tests? Are you looking to setup an automated system like Buildbot to run your tests? If so then this little tip could help you.

When you run your Plone tests you normally use zope.testing. The version shipped with Zope 2 that
you normally get is outdated. The newer versions have a lot of extra functionality. Fortunately it is pretty easy to get a newer version setup.

Edit your buildout.cfg and add versions section and a reference to it in you buildout section:

versions = versions

zope.testing = 3.7.1

The last line tells buildout what version it needs to enforce. Now edit your instance section (the part with recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance) and add zope.testing to the eggs = option.

Now enjoy your new version.


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