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What people want out of Plone

Ever wondered what other people think about our favorite CMS Plone? I did, so yesterday during my talk at the annual Dutch Plone mini-conf I asked. Before reading the rest of the post think about what feature you like and one that you miss most regarding Plone.

At the beginning of my presentation I handed out some post-its and markers. Each person was to write one feature they like best and one feature they missed the most. By adding a + (liked) or – (missed) to each paper we could easily let the papers go round and still make them out.

Jan Murre, who also works at Pareto, helped me with entering the data into text files during my talk. He used a simple Python script to automatically sort the results.

Thought of your favorite and most missed feature yet? Then scroll past Jan to see the results.


Votes Liked
5 Workflow
5 Flexibility
2 Community
2 Securitymodel
2 Standards
2 Extensible
2 Complete system out-of-the-box
1 Usability
1 Uniformity
1 Extensive
1 Python
1 Portlets
1 Manage and control branding
1 Folder structure
1 Open source
1 PAS (Plone’s authentication system)
1 In-site editing
1 Integration options
1 Security through using uncommon technology
1 Add-ons
Votes Missed
8 Performance
2 Kupu
2 Learning curve
1 Drag-drop support
1 Developer documentation
1 Bloat
1 Semantics
1 Database connectivity
1 Complete system out-of-the-box
1 Collections interface
1 Through the web editing of code etc.
1 Boilerplate (there is to much of it)
1 Agenda
1 No separate back-end for editing content
1 Flexibele layout
1 Categories
1 Collections
1 No automatic upgrade
1 Beer
1 Not enough themes
1 Heavy
1 Integration options
1 Layout for subsites

The audience consisted of both developers and actual end-users (though might have been a bit more technical people). After letting everyone know what the results where we started to discuss a few of these items.

Some of the negatives are already being worked (most people where looking forward to Plone 4 & 5 for performance improvements for instance). Others already have add-ons available (which could use some better marketing since not everyone knew about them).

The talk has been recorded so I might be able to give you more details at a later time on the specific discussions some of these points triggered. In the mean time please let me know what you thought of by adding a comment.



Previously KSS only had editor support in Vim. This made the kitchen sink of editing a bit jealous. Fortunately we now have a Emacs mode for KSS.

Screenshot of KSS-mode in action

I had one problem with getting the highlighting for CSS selectors to work with complex ones (see the screenshot). If there are any Emacs wizards out there willing to help that would be greatly appreciated.

KSS sprint has started

img_5675.jpgWe started with the KSS sprint today. One of the first improvements is that base2’s CSS selector is now usable with KSS. This means that all applications using KSS will get a nice speedup (base2 should be a lot faster than the original CSSQuery).

The fix for this entailed change the protocol between the client and the server. In the previous version the data communicated would be structured XML. This caused problems because the DOM extracted from this contained namespaces (which broke XPath).

img_5676.jpgOur new protocol transfers data as string’s (either within a CDATA or in a text node). As a side effect of this the DOM injection/replacement actions had to be changed. Because the code previously had to deal with either DOM or string data we could clean it up quite a bit. This means a leaner and meaner KSS.

A thing I worked on by myself was merging the pure Python packages for KSS into one package. This new package will probably become the base for a new kss.zope package which will (with BBB) replace kss.core. The kss.pylons pacakge is already changed so that it now depends on kss.base instead of the separate packages.

Plone Conference

Tomorrow morning I will leave my comfy home to go to the Plone Conference in Amerika. I must say I am really looking forward to it. This will be my first time to a Plone Conf. I will make sure to post pictures and notes about the conference.

A college of mine (Jan) is also going. We will also join in the sprints after the conference. There are some nice subjects for the sprint. This should be great fun as well.